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Daddyboards and Planet Patrol

At Daddyboards through our partner company Paddleboarding Events UK we are proud to be working with Planet Patrol in their battle against plastic and other pollutants and their impact on our environment. We get so much from our natural environment and perhaps here at Daddyboards more than the average person. Not only is it where we go to escape and recover personally but it is something that we cannot be with out as a business. If we did not have access to beautiful areas for our sport such as Leybourne Lakes and the River Medway then we would likely not exist in the format we do today. Inline with our VALUE to CONTRIBUTE we have pledged to complete at least FOUR Planet Patrol clean ups this year and plan to complete more. 

Read on below to find out how to join us.

Why is it important?

How to do your part:

There are a number of ways to get involved with us:

1. You can join our Paddleboarding Events UK Planet Patrol Mission to collet 2,500 pieces of litter this year by downloading the Planet Patrol app and scanning this QR code: 

qr-code (27).png

2. Sign up to a local litter pick to you through the Planet Patrol Website Here. Be sure to look out for Paddleboarding Events UK clean ups in Maidstone and Bedford. Planet Patrol ask for a £10 donation to book but you receive a free lesson in exchange!

3. Join our SUP club where we will do regular clean ups.

4. Message us to find out about our next clean up. You can join all our clean ups with your own equipment for FREE. 

5. Complete your own clean ups - Remember it doesn't have to be big to make a difference and don't forget to log the litter on their app.

6. Follow the great advice of Planet Patrol about what we can all do to help

See our upcoming litter picks on our Events page.

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