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Daddyboards is a small family business and as such we are weathering the storm of COVID-19 along with the rest of the world. Paddleboard lessons will be on hold until further notice. Given our balance board business is run from our family home, we are lucky enough to be able to keep our shop open at this time. However, due to supply issues, materials and delivery may vary from standard. For quicker delivery, we have a few selected boards in stock. Please email us at daddyboards@gmail.com prior to an order if you would like further information and expected delivery times. This is likely to impact orders until the end of the government mandated lockdown. Thank you for your custom. Stay home and stay safe.


Born with a love of water, Scott, our coach and boardsmith, has spent the last decade paddle boarding on various waters developing a repertoire of skills. In 2018 he obtained his International Surfing Association qualifications, and he is now delighted to be able to train others and share his passion. With a calm demeanor and extensive experience delivering various training packages, Scott is sure to make your experience of paddle boarding a joy. Whether it is your first go or you want to improve your technique, Scott will be able to offer valuable advice and have you smiling throughout.

Lessons are able to be tailored to the learner's needs using a wide variety of strategies to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us. From nervous first timers to confident paddlers, we have a range of skills and drills to help you develop at your own pace. 

Daddyboards main focus is making it as accessible to people as possible. Daddyboards are unique in that we are not linked to just one venue so can change location to suit our customer’s needs (covering lakes, rivers and coastal locations). Having worked on creating lessons that do not follow the usual format, including incorporating games, challenges and activities to make learning paddle boarding more fun, and to help develop specific skills as well as confidence. The focus is on the learner, the equipment and building their confidence - without putting too much focus on technique (although there is some, of course!). Daddyboards also offer detailed, tailored lessons for more accomplished paddlers looking to improve their technique or to train for specific events/outcomes.

Daddyboards are able to offer bespoke packages for individuals and groups, with a special focus on inclusive and family lessons.

We are continuously working to bring lessons to more locations; in the meantime we can, where possible, come to your nearest paddle-able water way (lake, river, canal etc). Please do contact us for more information about this. 

Through our online booking system, you simply need to choose a lesson, date and time, and with a few details, you're all set to go! If you can't find suitable timings, please get in touch and we will do all we can to accommodate your request.  


Handcrafted balance boards. Originally designed for SUP progression, but also great for training key muscle groups and injury rehabilitation. Available in various styles and packages to suit all abilities. Check out our shop, and contact us for a custom order!

Daddyboards balance boards truly rival larger brands in terms of quality, and value for money. The design of the boards are unique and they are composed of renewable, eco-friendly materials. In the past, there hasn’t been much choice and balance trainers has been dominated by larger companies, with little scope of custom elements. We hope Daddyboards is able to fill a gap in the market and bring fully customisable products that are affordable. 


New 100% Plastic Free Packaging!

Improving our sustainability one step at a time...

Where are big advocates of protecting our environment at Daddyboards and are continually striving to make our processes more environemntally friendly at every stage. We are working hard to eliminate all plastic from our production. To this end we have just launched our new Eco Friendly packaging which is 100% plastic free, recyclable and made form recyled materials. We have chosen Flexi-Hex to protect the products. Check them out for your package needs. Flexi-hex.com

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