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Daddyboards are proud to offer a range of premium quality eco-friendly balance boards - rivaling larger brands, such as Indo Board, in quality and cost.


All our boards are handmade to a high spec. Made from sustainable birch wood, we are also working hard to minimise plastic consumption to support our precious environment. To this end our rollers are wooden too. We also use recyclable packaging to protect your orders!

Our balance boards truly rival larger brands in terms of quality, and value for money. The design of the boards are unique and they are composed of renewable, eco-friendly materials. In the past, there hasn’t been much choice with balance trainers We hope Daddyboards is able to fill this gap in the market and offer fully customisable range of balance trainers.

We originally designed our balance trainers for SUP progression, but they are also great for training key muscle groups and injury rehabilitation. Try adding one to your workout regime.  Available in various styles and packages to suit all abilities. Check out our shop, and contact us for a custom order!​


100% Plastic Free Packaging!

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