What is Daddyboards all about?

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Since Launching www.daddyboards.com, this question has come up a few times. So thought i would expand on this a bit more.

I am writing this in between some sup surf sessions following a weekend away with friends. Paddle boarding has opened me up to more adventures and experiences than I thought possible. From surf trips to wild camping. On this particular weekend one of my friends, a fellow adventure lover and website owner summed it up by saying "you are proof that having a family doesn't mean you can't". In that moment he was able to put into words something I have been trying to say since launching this endeavor as a simple blog about 5 years ago.

Learn to paddle board to open your eyes to a world of adventure

Our very name symbolises this fact. It was born from my dedication to my children and my love of board sports. Back then it was snowboarding and a more gentle version of SUP, nowadays I focus most of my efforts to the surf element but still make time for an annual pilgrimage to the snow.

With the lack of snow in the UK I was looking for ways to still progress my snowboarding. After a quick google I came across balance boards. Having looked at brands such as Indo Board. I started to create my own boards and a few for friends too. I used my skills from my carpenter days and over a few years of research and design I have settled on the materials and processes that I use today. The boards are hand crafted using high end materials. This enables me to create robust, beautiful boards and still be more competitive in price than the likes of Indo Board. We are pleased to offer custom and bespoke packages to individuals and companies a like. All our boards are made to order so delivery can be between 2-4 weeks. Get in touch via our website to find out more.

One of the prototype boards

We are continually looking at new concepts to develop our range of boards and rollers to give a wider variety of riding options so be sure to keep up to date by checking out our shop. The next R+D phase will hopefully deliver a more surf orientated range that trains muscles and develops skills associated with surfing.

Surfing is my current obsession however, I fell in love with paddle boarding from my very first go. I enjoyed the challenge and full body workout it offered. There wasn't many places that offered lessons or hire for reasonable price so I took the plunge and brought my first board and taught myself. This then evolved to sharing my passion with my own family. As I developed I started to notice that a lot of instructors followed a very similar model of teaching and as a social worker who has delivered training packages to individuals, professionals and families it became clear that there wasn't much diversity in the style of learning on offer and many didn't accommodate younger children. This gave me an idea to take my skills from my day job and combine them with my passion.

We have used this to develop a range of lessons for all specialising in family tuition with fully inclusive and diverse ways of delivery that promote fun and progression across all our lessons. We are able to deliver this in a 1-1 or group format. We are dedicated to providing opportunities to all members of our society and have plans to develop a group for young people with disabilities and their families. We promise to make any lesson with us different from the norm and also due to our low overheads we are able to offer really competitive pricing.

One of our family lessons in action

We are not associated to a single venue so are able to be mobile and find suitable venues for any conditions as well as ability. We have scheduled bookable lessons through our website or contact us for bespoke tuition packages.

So if you are reading this come and check out our website and spread the word. There are other ways of learning paddle boarding and we hope you'll join us on the water soon.

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