How to look after your new Balance board.

So you've just purchased a new balance trainer but you want to keep it tip top shape follow these easy to follow instruction to do just that!

1. Keep the board and roller dry - although the boards and roller are treated and sealed it is best to keep them dry to prevent water penetrating the wood and causing damage.

2. Keep away from direct sunlight - keeping the board out of direct sunlight for extended periods will reduce the risk of the designs and paint fading.

3. Keep it clean - the boards can be cleaned with most products but we recommend warm soapy water and sponge ensuring the sponge is moist but not dripping and to dry off with a towel immediately. The grip tape can be cleaned with a soft brush and the same solution of soapy water.

4. Use the roller on a soft surface - either use on a carpet indoors or if you prefer to be outside a yoga mat works well. Some of our rollers do not need a soft surface as this has been provided on the roller but it can be marked by rough and uneven surfaces.

5. Repair any damages - If you do happen to damage the board we recommend it is sealed asap by using furniture wax or varnish to prevent water penetration. Contact us for further advice on this.

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