Get to Know Daddyboards and Co

Hi, I'm Scott, the guy behind Daddyboards. I'm a boardsmith and SUP instructor. I trained as a carpenter in my teens and worked in the trade for almost a decade before transferring to a career working with children and young people. Nowadays I spend my working life managing a social work team and running the Daddyboards company on the side. I am supported by my co-contributor, website sidekick and gorgeous partner in life, Louise, who you can find out more about through some of our Blogs

Daddyboards was born from a love of adventure in our unconventional family. Louise, my children, Holly and Joe, and I, love nothing more than getting outside in the fresh air, away from the bustle of normal life and making memories. I have dipped my toes into various adrenaline sports before focusing on my boarding obsessions - SUP surfing and snowboarding - and now balance boards!

I have used my carpentry training to build balance boards for myself and close ones for around 5 years now. I initially started to aid my own progression. I have experimented with a few designs before settling on the range of boards in our shop. These boards are made from robust sustainable wood products and can be fully customised. We are proud to offer what we feel are high end products that can rival some of the larger brands.  We are working hard to return to the production of balance boards but for now this will be on hold indefinitely.

I have been paddle boarding for around a decade and have found a love for the waves and SUP surfing. This is more difficult than it sounds being based in Kent, hence our camper van! I am fully qualified through ISA for SUP tuition including Open Water and SUP surf. I am dedicated to building a range of training packages that suit everyone. I also hold full safety training through SLGB and provide full safety equipment for all sessions. I offer fully inclusive lessons in group and 1-1 settings. For more details or to book a session, take a look at our online booking system.

We are currently working with McConks to provide all our paddle board equipment. They offer fantastic quality equipment and are a British company. Check out their website to see all they offer and how they support local communities.


Any questions? Contact us! Look forward to hearing from you!