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About Daddyboards

Daddyboards offer high quality, multi disciplined inclusive Paddleboarding in Kent and on the River Medway.


Why Daddyboards? The name started as a blog for our family adventures. As this grew the name became more of a brand and has stuck! The name as at times lead people to think it is a male exclusive organisation. This isn't the case and inclusivity is at the heart of Daddyboards ethos offering lessons for all and pioneering new targeted groups.


​Multi disciplined? With a decade of paddleboard experience and fully qualified through ISA for SUP tuition.  We also hold full safety training through SLGB and WSA . We are highly qualified and can offer lessons in various water environments including Lakes Rivers and Sea. We are your one stop shop for a range of disciplines of SUP. We can support your journey through Flat Water SUP, River SUP, Touring, Racing, Downwinding and Surfing. We are the only provider in Kent to offer all this in house!


Daddyboards offer fully inclusive lessons in group and 1-1 settings. Lessons are able to be tailored to the learner's needs using a wide variety of strategies to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us. From nervous first timers to confident paddlers, we have a range of lessons to help you develop at your own pace. We have lots of tips and tricks to support learners of all abilities, size and confidence. We have  a friendly and reassuring approach ensuring safety is paramount.

Daddyboards main focus is making it as accessible to people as possible. Having worked on creating lessons that do not follow the usual format, including incorporating games, challenges and activities to make learning paddle boarding more fun, and to help develop specific skills as well as confidence. We are able to help a wide range of demographics enjoy this fast growing sport. Our focus is on the learner, the equipment and building their confidence - without putting sole focus on technique (although there is some, of course!). Daddyboards also offer detailed, tailored lessons for more accomplished paddlers looking to improve their technique or to train for specific events/outcomes.

Daddyboards are able to offer bespoke packages for individuals and groups, with a special focus on inclusive and family lessons.

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